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Welcome to my website. I offer a non-traditional style of therapy.  Through years of observation, creative work with clients, and personal insights I developed an integrative, collaborative, intuitive, creative, and practical style of therapy that I call Energetic Counseling and Healing.  

This type of therapy is holistic because it considers all basic aspects of human life experience, such as, the physical, the emotional, the mental, the social, and the spiritual. All these aspects are interwoven in our way we perceive and experience our reality.

It is energetic therapy because the therapeutic interactions promote self-awareness and self-healing by activating and strengthening the personal energetic field with various energetic techniques and practices. 

I specialize on deepening personal growth, developing satisfying relationships, exploring life-transitions, improving education/work performance, addressing and managing stress related issues, enhancing creativity and self-expression.  

My services are:

Energetic Counseling for personal developmet

Transformational Coaching for professional inspiration and growth

Energy Healing for energetic alignment

Sacred Space for clearing living spaces and properties

Self awareness

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Enhancing self-awareness is the core intention for the therapeutic process. Self-awareness relates to body and physical health, emotions, cognitive and behavioral patterns, relational dynamics and family history, personal and collective values, environmental conditions and living space, social interactions, spirituality and connection with Nature. 

Self-awareness makes us conscious, allows for understanding, brings clarity, aligns the heart with life experience, energizes the body, and supports personal growth.